joseph carleton

WHEN DID YOU JOIN ROTARY?: I was a member of the Wells/Ogunquit Rotary Club in the early 1980’s.  I left Rotary for 8 years when I was in the Maine Legislature from 1990-98 and rejoined shortly after that.
WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO JOIN ROTARY?: To participate in good works.  The people in Rotary.
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF: WHAT IS YOUR LINE OF WORK? WHAT GOT YOU IN THE FIELD? WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE HOBBYS? WHAT DO YOU WANT OTHER ROTARIANS AND MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO GAIN OUT OF THIS ROTARY CLUB?: I have practiced law in Wells since 1979 after five years in Dover, NH.  My practice specializes in condominiums and condominium associations.  I am interested in photography, history, politics and hope to travel more in the future with my wife Patricia. I am currently studying for the qualification exam, hoping to become a Registered Parliamentarian in January, 2016.   In the past I have been active in many community organizations and in political matters, but personal and work commitments now limit my free time mostly to Rotary and Rotary functions, and to travel.