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All I can say to this is 'WOW"..............
This gal is from Australia...........and yes, WAS has received several quilts from her............
Can you imagine .........

I'm still here but mostly lurking. I just wanted to share my exciting
news and it's all thanks to Sunshine, Terry H. and Carol E.
I've donated over 1,500 quilts to orphanages in East Timor over the last
5 years and they have been distributed through Rotary. I wouldn't have
become involved if Carol E. hadn't issued a challenge when we donated to
WAS in her much loved father's name. Then Terry H. suggested we contact
Rotary to help with costs in sending the quilts. Because of these events
I found a local Rotary Club which has been sending my quilts where they
are needed.
Now they have invited me to go on one of their humanitarian trips to
East Timor. I was asked last Friday and we leave in a week's time. They
are building new schools and were keen to fit another trip in before the
wet season. It's been a rush but I have a new passport and have had my
vaccinations etc so I'm just finishing off some quilts and crocheted
blankets to take.
I'll be updating my blog if anyone is
interested in my trip but won't be online for the 3 weeks that I'm away.
Just thought I'd share and thank the members of Sunshine for steering
me into this big adventure.
Hugs Jan Mac



Subject: El Salvador Rotaplast Mission

Dear Terry and Fellow Wrap-A-Smile Quilters,
Thank you so much for your mission which is beyond words of gratitude. Your dedication and work is wonderful, touches many lives and is appreciated by so many. You affect more children and families than you can imagine. I know because I have seen it in their faces and heard it in their words of thanks.
This month I had the pleasure of being a part of a Rotaplast mission trip to El Salvador.  I am a member of the Rotary Club of Sacramento which in part sponsored this mission.  I was blessed to be the photographer and journalist for this mission and my 19 year old college student daugher also attended as the recreational therapist.  It was our first mission and the experience of our lives individually and together. 
Your quilts brightened up every part of the process for the children from the intake, through the surgery and recovery, to the follow up clinic and finally to the journey out the hospital to return home.  The children and their families were surprised, delighted and grateful that they were able to take your quilts home with them. Your gifts were truly appreciated.
I presented a photo slide show of our mission trip to our Rotary Club lunch meeting (attended by 300-350) last week and many were in tears and greatly moved by the work accomplished by Rotaplast and all those involved.  A part of my presentation included photographs of your patch and quilts and how each brightened the process for all involved. I will email you the photos of your patch and the quilts from my presentation. 
If you would like, please email me with your street address where I can mail you a CD of the 215 photos of the overview of our mission that I made to our Rotary Club last week. It takes about 25-30 minutes to review and if you have not had the opportunity, this may give you a good overview of a mission process.
Thank you again for your hard work and dedication.  I truly hope that you have fun, enjoy getting together and support each other in sharing your mission. Please know that what you do is so very important to so many involved in every aspect of each Rotaplast mission.
I look forward to hearing from you.
With warm regards,
 Susan Sheridan




Hello, Julene:
I hope you don't feel I have taken over your life - getting multiple email from me.

On the very last day in SS when we were packing our supplies, I happen to notice that some of the quilts came from a few small places in B.C.

They were:  Nakusp, Castlegar and  ChristinaLake.  It is the type of hamlet where, if driving through, you blink your eyes and you miss the place.

I have a neat story about a little boy that didn't get his quilt and, apparently, cried all night. Next day, Dr. Ron Gemberling ( and what a wonderful man he is) visited him and gave him a quilt. The smile on the patient's face was extremely powerful/awesome.

I would like to send the picture and story to the people that supplies/produces the quilts - I think it would make them very happy and proud.

The other picture show Bob Thiesburger with a quilt made at Christina Lake - and two names are visible in the picture - a couple of 12/13 year old youngsters probably contributed sections.

So I am asking you for the address of the quilt donors, please.

I don't know if it means a lot to the producers, but we see the reaction first hand when the patients get their quilt - it is very touching. As we worked in the public wards, it wasn't very easy when we gave quilts to our patients and not to the "others"


Have a great day







Hi Terry-


This quilt will go with the November 2003 mission to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Angelo Capozzi, M.D. will lead the medical team and will serve as head surgeon.


Thanks so much, Terry.


P.S.  My mother was an avid quilter.  I was born and raised in Paducah, Kentuckywhich has a pretty impressive quilt museum.  My father still lives there and tells me there is annual quilter convention every year.  My mother passed away a few years ago and her quilts are among my most valued possessions.  Each child received several after her passing.  It is truly an extraordinary art form.


All the best to you, and thank you for your generous efforts.


 Ken McKinney




Subject: Rotaplast Quilts




My name is John Crane. I just returned from the Rotaplast Mission to Carupano Venezuala. On this trip we took the quilts which your group created. Every quilt was beautiful.


Each patient came to the operating room with just a light gown. The operating rooms are kept very cool (for sanitary reasons as well as comfort). We would cover each child with a quilt, and then with protective surgical drapes. After the surgery they were taken to the recovery room with the quilt, and would wake with their mother by their side, covered with their new quilt.


I know that every family will cherish your gift, for its beauty and as a reminder of a day when strangers came and made something beautiful. Please express these thanks to every person who helped to create and give these gifts. I can only hope that your generosity and kindness will continue to brighten the lives of children around the world.


Yours in Rotary Service

John Crane

Oakhurst Sierra Rotary Club

Oakhurst, California




Subject: Thank You For The Quilts


Dear Teresa,


My name is Fina Malava, I am a rotarian volunteer who always works with Rotaplast missions here. I work as a volunteer in the Rotarian Hospital and with children with cancer in my city called Barquisimeto.


I was working in Carupano Rotaplast mission and it was such a nice surprise to have the quilts that you and your friends made for the children who had surgery. I never saw before a gift so wonderful, they gave some toys to the kids, but this really was a good gift for them and the mothers. I tell you, they really enjoyed them and were so happy when we said they will be able to take it at home with them. Besides it was a great gift those quilts kept the kids warm because it was too cold inside the operating room and the recovery room.


We are very grateful with you and your friends for taking care of our children. I hope you continue doing this humanitarian and good job. In two weeks we will have another Rotaplast Mission here in my city Barquisimeto. I hope we can have the same nice surprise. I know it is a hard work to do it in a short time, anyway we appreciate all your kindness with our people in need. Thank you very much in the name of this children and their families, be sure every night they are going to enjoy your gift and will feel all love you put in them.




Dear Terry,


I am so sorry to be late with this short note and these first photos. Truly your quilts were one of the highlights of the trip. Being able to give something so wonderful to someone who has absolutely nothing is remarkable. There was one family that had 2 small sons, and we operated on both. In the recovery room the mom told me how lucky they felt getting 2 quilts ! Imagine having 2 special needs children and feeling lucky !!


The recovery room nurses loved choosing just the right quilt for each child. These are my very amateur photos. The "professional" ones will be coming to you on a computer CD within about a month.

Again, thank you seems like such a trivial expression. Your gift truly improved the quality of the trip and the quality of life of 100 families.


Your friend,



To: Terry Hodskins


Just want you to see your quilts at work.


I tried to explain the quilts to every patient's parents, and to several VIPs on the Chinese side of our mission, who were presented quilts as a token of our appreciation for their efforts (they also spent many hours and money as there are no real Rotarians in China). China's layout TV network CCTV did a documentary on our mission and I think there is a segment on the quilts.


Thank you for the labor of love and the best people-to-people diplomatic gift ever.

Bill Chiang