July 19 2021
Pledge - Rick Coyne
Prayer - Lee Hansen
Happy Dollars:
Rick was happy he had time off the last week.
Danielle was happy her son was home
Deb praised Danielle for beginning her year as president
Upcoming Events
Regular Meeting
Wells Harbor Pavilion
Aug 02, 2021
7:30 AM – 8:30 AM
Board Meeting
Aug 09, 2021
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
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Russell Hampton
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Updates and speaker
On July 19th, the Board of Directors voted to change our bi-weekly meetings to the first and third Wednesday of the month with the meeting time remaining 7:30 am.  It is their hope that this new time, will better meet the schedules of our fellow rotarians.  Be sure to follow the club website for updates on meetings, locations and meeting times.
The golf tournament has been scheduled for September 24th.  Watch for emails and invitations to come.    We will need all hands on deck to help with:
Auction items 
Past District Governor Peggy Belanger attended the meeting and took time to thank and congratulate Rick on a successful year despite the challenges with Covid.  She presented him with a gift. 
Danielle announced that the club has successfully secured a 
district grant for $2,000. Proceeds will be used to purchase new snow pants and winter coats for children being serviced by the York Community Action center that live in Wells.  We will also be doing a clothing drive in October for new hats, mittens and socks.  If your business would like to be a collection site, please contact Deb LaPointe.
Danielle indicated she is still working on a permanent meeting site for the club.  Also, the board will be taking a vote on choosing an different meeting date that will better meet the schedules of our rotarians.  An email will be sent to everyone once a final decision has been made
Please be sure to follow our face book page or visit the website to keep informed on meetings events and projects