doug bibber

I joined the Wells Rotary Club in 1988, served as president in 2001.  Former member of the Damariscotta Newcastle Rotary Club 2004 – 2008, former member of the Rockland Rotary Club 2008 – 2012, rejoined the Wells Club in 2014.
I wanted to join Rotary because I had seen the great works they had accomplished from the vantage point of my father being a longtime Rotarian.  I saw the teamwork and comradery that can exist in working together to accomplish a goal, and I saw the fun that can be had by a group of like- minded people.
Projects that I can take pride in are my participation in helping to build ramps for folks that needed help getting into their homes here in Wells.  This is the local connection that I think is so important for our club to have.  I also want to acknowledge Rockland Rotary Club’s Winter Carnival, where the club put on a complete winter carnival for the town, free of charge,  as a thank you for the towns support of the club.  There would be upwards of 2-300 people, mostly kids, who participated in this event.
I am a grief resolution specialist, helping families as they begin their grief walk immediately following the death of a loved one.  While this involves quite a bit of time, I also find time to enjoy hiking biking and kayaking with my wife Robin, especially in Acadia National Park;  following Grace and Luke’s life’s experiences as they delve into early adulthood, Hunt and fly fish, and when its’ too cold outside, try to get my Lionel trains running.