bryan matluk, director of development yccc

MEMBER SINCE: June, 2014
WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO JOIN ROTARY?: I had met with several Rotary Clubs over the course of several years and several states. Ultimately, Ryan Liberty spoke with me about the value of rotary in my life. The two seemed like a natural fit considering our shared beliefs.
SINCE BEING IN ROTARY ARE THERE ANY SPECIFIC PROJECTS THAT YOU ARE MOST PROUD OF? WHY?: Still have not been involved in much but look forward to my work with Interact!
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF: WHAT IS YOUR LINE OF WORK? WHAT GOT YOU IN THE FIELD? WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE HOBBYS? WHAT DO YOU WANT OTHER ROTARIANS AND MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO GAIN OUT OF THIS ROTARY CLUB?: I grew up in Belfast and graduated from the University of Maine. While working for AmeriCorps in Chicago, I discovered a latent passion for classical ballet and trained extensively and altered my life and career in doing so. Ultimately, I worked with some of the largest arts organizations in the country and ran several successful theaters and performing companies prior to returning to Maine. I currently am the Director of Development for YCCC and teach ballet evenings at a private studio in Portland.